I remember being struck as a little girl, during an excursion with my Mother and sister to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, seeing Georgia O’Keefe standing next to a wall displaying her art at a solo exhibit, by the idea that you could have that much color and magic in your life.

That magic still inspires me as a developing artist, and I am still inspired by Georgia O’Keefe along with the works of Kathe Kollwitz, Jim Dine, Odilon Redon, Sigmar Polke. The themes I work with are beauty, nature, and contrasting elements such as the yin and yang of bold and delicate, grounded and ethereal, practical and imaginary. I aim to continue to work with my quality of line and the way it lends its own voice to the whole image.

In my current work using thread and stressed paper to make dresses, panels and words, I search deep within my own physical experience to find the parts of me that still claim a voice, the parts that want to be spoken and often go unspoken in my day to day life and relationships. These words often illustrate a deep longing, or carry the shapeless weight of patterns held deep within me. In my artwork I aim to give form to the unformed. I am interested in how our human persona is shaped, both unconsciously and consciously, by our beliefs in ourselves, each other and in life.

Deep within me lies the hope that this “shadow” in our human nature, personally and collectively, be expressed and worked through, guiding us back to our wholeness, as the fragmented parts have their voice too.

Through my artwork, I am reminded of the opportunity to see beauty in our flaws, in our scars.

In essence, this work is dedicated to the people who find themselves in far more oppressive situations than I could ever imagine, and to their strident capacity to wake each morning and to live, work and feed their families in the face of hardship.