My Mother

Antoinette Wasson Ayres

March 20, 1931 to July 12, 2012



This website is dedicated to my beloved Mother ~ a Mother, Grandmother, Artist/ Sculptor, good friend, seeker and my inspiration. May her journey continue in the blessed way that it began.

I am my Mother’s daughter
And I finally know now from whom I have come.
Like a seed planted in soil that bears roots,
I, too, bore my roots inside of you.
With the vested life force within you
This seed you sowed had the nourishment to grow,
You sustained this life, gave birth to this life
And still, to this day, are instilling the ingredients to thrive.
These nutrients sprang from your guiding hands, the words you spoke
Became the fabric of my life, my goals, my hopes,
And dreams of seeing, as you see, the beauty within
And hearing, as you hear, the truth over the din.
Forest walking with your grandchildren – holding branches, leaves, a stone.
Sculpting a spiral of wood for the world to honor, enter earth’s “womb”
Throwing your head back, laughter escapes your chest,
Open, ready, eager to give your best.
You are Mother – daughter, Teacher – student, Art maker – the art.
Full of movement, of fun, of fire, you stretched your arms out wide, inspired,
Giving me the wings to fly and falter
To try again.
To you, Oh Mother! My kin
Fostering within me the comfort of my own skin.
Your gems fall like raindrops now and for this I bow
To you, for bridging the divisions within I once allowed.
You, the guiding light of my heart,
Always entwined in all of my art.
I am my Mother’s daughter,
And I finally know now from whom I have come.